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Group photo of Greenwood School students with Ken Burns

Group photo of Greenwood School students with Ken Burns

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address, documentarian Ken Burns, along with numerous partners, has launched a national effort to encourage everyone in America to video record themselves reading or reciting the Abraham Lincoln's famous speech.

Greenwood School students, Pasha, Ethan and Zachary

Greenwood School students, Pasha, Ethan and Zachary


The inspiration for this project is the tiny Greenwood School in the small town of Putney, Vermont. The school's students, boys ages 11-17, all face a range of learning differences that have made their personal, academic and social progress extremely challenging. Yet each year they are encouraged to practice, memorize, and recite the Gettysburg Address.

The Greenwood School is the focus of Burns's next film, THE ADDRESS, which will air on PBS in the spring of 2014. The feature-length documentary shines a light on this extraordinary school and its efforts to memorialize the Gettysburg Address.

The film interweaves this contemporary story with the history, context and importance of the Address, which remains one of the most important declarations ever made on human equality. The site and videos will be utilized to create on-going interest in the Gettysburg Address and to support the educational materials that will be distributed as part of the broadcast of Burns's film in April 2014.

Cropped image of the Nicolay copy of the Gettysburg Address

The "Nicolay Copy" of the Gettysburg Address, Library of Congress

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PBS and its member stations are America's largest classroom, the nation's largest stage for the arts and a trusted window to the world. In addition, PBS's educational media helps prepare children for success in school and opens up the world to them in an age-appropriate way.

National History Day

National History Day is a highly regarded academic program for elementary and secondary school students. Each year, more than half a million students, encouraged by thousands of teachers nationwide participate in the NHD contest.

The Library of Congress

The Library's mission is to support the Congress in fulfilling its constitutional duties and to further the progress of knowledge and creativity for the benefit of the American people.

Learning Disabilities Association of America

The Learning Disabilities Association of America (LDA) is a national network of volunteers with thousands of members including individuals with learning disabilities, their families, and the professionals who work with them.

The National Center for Learning Disabilities

The National Center for Learning Disabilities improves the lives of all people with learning difficulties and disabilities by empowering parents, enabling young adults, transforming schools, and creating policy and advocacy impact.

The National Park Service

Since 1916, the American people have entrusted the National Park Service with the care of their national parks.


GettyReady is a Utah-based non-profit established to encourage learners of all ages to memorize, study and apply the Gettysburg Address on its anniversary and beyond.

The Greenwood School

Greenwood School is a boarding school in Southern Vermont dedicated to taking bright and talented young men with learning differences and learning disabilities (LD) such as dyslexia, attentional difficulties (ADD / ADHD), or executive functioning deficits and empowering them with the skills and strategies necessary to bridge the gap between their outstanding promise and present abilities.

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